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New Zealand's 1st
BB Cream by Garnier

Miracle Skin Perfector

When it comes to the face, women have multiple and specific needs: they want to moisturise, even their complexion, correct blemishes, brighten and boost their skin’s healthy glow and protect their skin from the UV damage.
New Zealand's 1st BB Cream by Garnier, new Miracle Skin Perfector is the ultimate daily all-in-one solution for instantly flawless, healthy glowing skin.


Garnier introduces a new generation in skincare that combines the best of skincare with the benefit of make-up in 1 product to deliver 5 instant benefits:

    1. Hydrates for 24hrs
    2. Evens tone
    3. Corrects blemishes
    4. Boosts healthy glow
    5. UV Protection SPF 15

Available in supermarkets, pharmacies & department stores.

Miracle Skin Perfectorlight skin
Miracle Skin Perfectormedium skin
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