Everybody has to do their bit to keep our planet clean, green and safe. Two of the essentials for ensuring that the Earth remains a place you want to live? Saving water and recycling.

The good news is that there are a few really easy ways to do both and they can make a big difference. Most of them are effortless, other are downright fun and at least one will put a smile on your face!

- Chapter 1-
don’t be a water waster

Conserving water during your morning routine is simple as pie. Fortunately so, because we’re running short of our most vital resource: According to the French Environmental and Energy Management Agency, the world’s supply of renewable water will have dropped from 7,500 cubic meters per person per year in 1995 to 5,100 cubic meters per person per year by 2015.

  • No-Brainer: Turn Off the Shower While You Shampoo

    Once your hair is wet, turn off the shower and treat yourself to a long, luxurious lather with no guilt. Saves on heating fuel too.

  • Do the Math = Don’t Take a Bath

    Power to the shower, banish the bath. The numbers speak for themselves. The average bath consumes 150-200 liters of water while the average shower only takes 30-70 liters of water.

  • Be daring

    Tinkle in the shower, that is. Relieving yourself in the shower isn’t lazy and unlovely, it’s eco-friendly. Every time you do the deed in the shower you save a flush, which on average uses up a whopping 9 liters of water. Contrary to popular belief, urine is sterile, so it’s completely safe and sanitary.

    The practice has gained not only social acceptance but eco-respectability. In 2014 a UK university asked 15,000 students to relieve themselves in the shower to see what the impact would be. The school has done the maths: over a year, it would allow to save the water equivalent of 26 Olympic pools of water.

    In Brazil, children have long been taught to urinate in the shower. Parental approval from an entire nation means it just has to be right.

Superheroes of Planet Care

If you really want to go above and beyond: cold showers. You’ll conserve both water and energy, because your shower is bound to be shorter (!) and no gas or electricity will be needed to heat your H2O.

Before you start congratulating yourself for such selfless dedication to the cause, remember what’s in it for you: This tough-girl regimen has major beauty benefits. Cold showers are said to improve circulation, tone the skin and make your hair shiny. Do well by doing good, as they say.

- Chapter 2-

  • Leaks: The Hair-Raising Stats

    Leaks waste enormous amounts of water. Bad for your water bill and bad for the environment, so be sure to keep an eye out for leaks and inspect your bathroom regularly. Fear Factor: if you need motivation check out the following stats.

    - Leaky faucet: wastes up to 120 liters per day
    - Leaky toilet: wastes up to 600 liters per day, which is the average daily water consumption for a family of four

  • More Air, Less Water

    Attaching an aerator to your faucet can reduce water consumption by as much as 50%. Simply put, by mixing in air, you get the same pressure with less water. Quite impressive for a little screen you screw on the tap in about 30 seconds.

- Chapter 3-

Most of us are now careful about recycling packages that live in our kitchen, but we should be just as conscientious when it comes to the bottles and cartons on our bathroom shelves.

  • Plastic: Look for the Triangle

    All plastic packing marked with a triangle is recyclable, so make sure these items go in the right bin. The number in the middle of the triangle indicates the degree of recyclability and the type of plastic.

    For example:
    Garnier Ultra DOUX Shower and Fructis Shampoo
    both the bottles and caps are completely recyclable

  • cardboard: Save a Tree

    Like most paper products, cardboard cases are recyclable.  Paper from paper is better than paper from trees. 

  • Upcycling: Be Creative

    Have some fun and express your creativity by giving your empty Fructis bottle a second life.

    You can craft a cell phone holder, a pencil holder…. Under adult supervision, of course, this is an ideal activity for you and the kids when they’re stuck indoors on a rainy afternoon.